Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Communication is Key

I think the most frustrating thing here is the lack of communication. Sure it makes you go with the flow at a moments notice but would it really be that difficult to just get a little heads up once in a while? That´s not how they do things here, although I think it would be refreshing.

I don´t know if it´s the culture, or my lack of Spanish but no one at work likes to tell me anything about anything in advance, regardless of the activity or the time commitment it requires. I´m thinking that most of these celebrations are not planned at a moments notice or anything- just a little hunch I have. If this is culturally how they approach events than I suppose it´s another thing I need to embrace and get used to, but if it´s because I am unable to speak Spanish fluently than I think that is very frustrating! I find it many situations there is no tolerance for people who cannot speak Spanish and when your trying to learn this is very intimidating!

Taking communication for granted has been a huge realization for me in the last three months. You don´t realize how comforting a conversation can be until the lines of communication are cut and you now rely on facial expressions and awkward silences. Randomly striking up a conversation with a stranger can be a great experience allowing you to learn about different people, their background, situations, beliefs etc. Yet here that ability has basically disappeared. I can communicate the minimum with most people and a Little more with those who are patient, but the rest- forget it. The personal connection is lost and that makes me both sad and frustrated. I love learning new things through people, and through the way they live their lives. Here people of all places live a little differently than I do which would allow for very interesting conversation and lessons but I can´t because i am shy and it is a difficult process through broken Spanish. I am disappointed that I was never able to really communicate with the people hear and after a while I had to rely on my fellow BBer´s for communication because otherwise I would have none and be very lonely. The next time I go on any time of trip I hope to learn more basics of the language before coming because I think I underestimated how difficult it would be. Is it bad than one of the things I´m missing most is the ability to strike up conversation anywhere with anyone at anytime?

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  1. In Nz it is manly English but their accent is difficult at times lol. Although not nearly like a whole different language but I do feel left out when they talk fast to each other. I barely understand the radio anouncers.But you'd love it there maybe someday :)