Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Off We Go!

This past year has flown by, and the things I have learned with our two required classes, from Scott, Joanna and all the other BBers and our volunteer hours have been priceless. I think these classes as well as our time at The Working Centre have prepared us as much as possible. I remember this time last year applying for the program and thinking I bombed the interview. I had no idea that I would be accepted and even if I did get accepted I wasn't entirely sure I would go through with the program.. and here it is! Two classes down, 18 hrs accomplished and countless chats that have been about our excitements, fears, hopes etc. It has been a whirl wind but one that has taught me so much about myself and about having faith and trust in others. Though I'll still be teary, and probably slightly afraid when I get on the airplane I know that I am as prepared as I'm ever going to be so now it's time to jump off the diving board and into what we've been talking about for so long!

I believe that International Service learning is not only important, but crucial to the development of human beings. It teaches people about themselves, about whats going on in the world and about how important the role of a single person can be. I hope to come back and really be able to reflect on the importance of international service learning and what it has meant to me. I can't wait to jump in and really see what it is all about, and what I have been talking about for so long! All for now,


Saturday, April 4, 2009


Last night as we stood in a circle passiong around a ball of yarn I have to admit I got a little teary. It was our last official get together as the BB crew before the summer begins. It was such a great night to be together, to talk and share a meal. We all met at Joannes house, her family and the BB's were all under the same roof. I especially appreciated the warm fuzzies and the time spent giving personal wishes.The friendships I have develolped throughout the Beyond Borders class have been amazing. Without this class I would have never crossed paths with many of this individuals or with Joanne. The people attracted to an International service prgram may come from various backgrounds but everyone of them seem to have a big heart and all are concerned with making the world a better place. To be surrounded by a group of people that have such strong beliefs in making differences and challenging the status quo is truly inspirational. This is such a bittersweet moment in the BB process. I have created these amazing friendships with such proactive people that leaving is the end of something that has been a blessing. As soon as I come back from Nicaragua this is going to be a group of people I will be extremly anxious to see. I think each one of the Beyond Bordians will do great things abroad and even greater when they get back.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

As things come to an end..

Yesterday, just like any other Tuesday; i made my way to The Woring Centre just a little bit after 12,ordered the usual and sat by the window. I got some serious people watching in, a little homework and some small talk with one man who also comes in every Tuesday. Finally as things have become routine and comfortable they're supposed to change again. I know the volunteers in the caf and some of the people that come in on a regular basis, I know where things are supposed to go in the art space and what projects are on the go..basically -I finally feel at home at TWC .. which is great.. but as the semester wraps up so does our time at TWC.

Since yesterday was supposed to be my last day, I brought my sheet to be signed by my supervisor and was prepared to say a little goodbye to the new friends I have made in the last few months. When I think about it today, I think I as well as both Mischa and Leeanne knew that just because my hours were finished didn't mean i'd be gone. So when it neared four o'clock I packed up for the bus and promised to be back the following week to finish a rug on the loom... and probably each week until I leave for the summer. It was really nice to know that they wanted me to continue voluntering and that they appreciated my company just as I appreciate theirs. There are so many things still to learn at TWC i thought, why stop now?