Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Top Ten

Once again thank you to all have been reading. This is my final post regarding my Nicaraguan adventure, however I am sure with the adventures ahead there will be much more blogging. I leave you all with the top ten things to learn while living in Nicaragua..

10- laxatives and Imodium will began to control your life. Be prepared, not dependant.

9- there are beans and then there are rice, and then if your lucky there is beans and rice together. It's 'Gaillo Pinto' and if your fortunate you will only eat it once a day. :)

8- Rehab may need to be considered when coming back home. Beer is a dollar, and it's super hot.. a pretty dangerous combination.

7- There is an abundance of dogs in Esteli. By day you'd never know it. By night they make up for it. An alarm clock is really unnecessary

6- Getting from A to B can mean anything from walking, hitchhiking, busing, riding on a motorcycle or even many hours on my favourite; the chicken bus etc..

5- 'Timeliness" does not exist and it's best to learn it as soon as possible. Being late doesn't really exist either, It's all 'Nica Time' and it'd be best just to accept it.

4- "I love yous" and marriage proposals are an everyday occurrence. - Don't be flattered and don't accept them.

3- By the time you leave Nicaragua you may be missing clothes and the ones you still have will be stretched and probably with holes, but they will be clean and for that you will appreciate them

2- When the guide book says 'quaint' or 'rustic' be afraid. A rustic bus ride means 2 hours in a cramped bus with chickens, kittens, babies and lots and lots of other people

1- Mangoes fall like the rain. Watch yourself, try not to get hit. You've been warned.

Hope you enjoyed the countdown and all the other ups and downs along the way!


  1. this is awesome, Jess... Lists (especially top ten lists) are one of my favourite things.

    excited to see you (and the rest of the BB gang, of course!) at Joanne's on Thurs! :)